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    Jewelry Care


    All jewelry is handmade by Cindy in her jewelry studio using silver, copper, brass, aluminum, and semi-precious stones . The surfaces are achieved through a combination of texturing + distressing + patina. Each piece of jewelry is formed and fabricated by hand, so shapes and colors may vary slightly. If you are interested in purchasing an item you don't see listed, please get in touch!


    Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted and should be treated with care.  We suggest storing your pieces in a jewelry box in a room that is not exposed to excess heat or moisture.  If you are bathing, showering, or swimming, simply remove your jewelry beforehand, as salt, chemicals and chlorine can greatly change the finish on your pieces.  Avoid letting your jewelry make direct contact with chemicals such as perfume, sunscreen, etc.  If possible, store sterling silver in an air tight container (such as a small ziplock bag) when not being worn as oxygen will tarnish or dull the metal.  If your jewelry gets wet simply dry it off as soon as possible.

    All copper jewelry with an antique patina has been sealed with wax and/or a clear top coat, but as no sealer is permanent, you may want to reseal it periodically.   Carnauba wax or a clear metal sealant both work well for resealing your jewelry. 


    Bright sterling silver, bright copper, aluminum or brass jewelry - To remove any tarnish, use a jewelry polishing cloth, such as a Sunshine Polishing Cloth.  You can also buy fine steel wool (size 0000) at a local hardware store and use a portion of that with a gentle soap and warm water to bring back luster and shine.  Do this carefully, but it works wonders!

    Oxidized (Antiqued) silver or copper - Do not use a polishing cloth or silver cleaner as this will remove the patina.  A protective wax finish has been applied to preserve the finish on the metal. 


    Sizing Guide

    View our necklace sizing guide below. Please note this illustration is based on a 13" neck.